Ottawa Street Markets began as a community gathering spot on Beechwood Ave, in the City’s east end. In the early days, a few vendors, live music and a doomed bouncy castle attracted people from neighbouring communities. It became immediately apparent that people were after a small, local farmers’ market that was close to home; a market that could be reached easily on foot, a weekly attraction for families and a place to connect with local businesses.

The Beechwood Market was born.

A thriving little market since the beginning, it was rudely interrupted by COVID 19. Silver linings being what they are, those tough times brought on the creation of the Online Market. Locals rallied to support the effort and we were able to keep the brand alive. In fact, it went well enough that both the onsite and online markets were able to open up for the 2021 season.

The Beechwood Market has continued to grow and both the onsite and online markets have become staples in local residents’ weekly agendas.

While the success of the Beechwood Market continued, work was being done with the Centretown Community Association to introduce the Elgin Street Market - Centretown’s first farmers’ market. Things got off to a rippin’ start in the Summer of 2021. The Elgin Street Market has since retained its own Online, year round pickup location at Lemongrass Thai Cuisine, right in the heart of Centretown.

Riding the Beechwood and Elgin wave, Ottawa Street Markets opened up its third Onsite community market in the Alta Vista neighbourhood, on June 25th 2022. Paired with its Online version, the Alta Vista Market has become the go-to Saturday activity for local residents.

In January 2022, Ottawa Street Markets launched its’ fifth online pickup location in Carlington, at Fringe & Foliage. Working in association with the Carlington Community Association, we are hoping to bring more of the market experience to the neighbourhood.

The long term vision for Ottawa Street Markets is to have Onsite and Online pickup locations in at least a dozen neighbourhoods by 2025. The future is in our communities and Ottawa Street Markets is here to help create something exciting, accessible and sustainable.

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